What is The Rafaelo Procedure?

Rafaelo is the abbreviation for radiofrequency treatment of hemorrhoids under local anesthesia, which covers all degrees of hemorrhoids: I, II, III and IV. This treatment is safe and reliable and is generally completed within a few minutes with minimal discomfort for the patient, allowing immediate return to normal daily activities.


What are the benefits of The Rafaelo Procedure?

• highest patient comfort
• ambulatory , no hospitalisation
• without general anaesthesia
• safe, fast and reliable
• immediate and long-lasting improvement
• very low in complications
• immediate mobility
• no or minimal postoperative pain
• no or minimal postoperative bleeding
• Quick return to daily activities


Is Rafaelo for you?

Hemorrhoids are associated with increased pressure in the blood vessels in and around the anus. This allows the blood vessels to swell and become inflamed. Many of us will experience the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids at some point in our lives.

There are several causes for hemorrhoids

• Constipation, resulting in excessive effort on the toilet.
• Being overweight or obese, increasing pressure on the vascular system in general.
• Age at which the supporting tissues of the body weaken, increasing the risk of hemorrhoids.
• Pregnancy and increased pressure on the pelvic blood vessels.
• Poor diet due to insufficient fiber.
• Regularly lifting heavy objects.
• A persistent cough or repeated vomiting.
• Sitting posture for a long time.
• Family history.


How does the Rafaelo application work?