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Proctology is relatively a young discipline of medicine with a holistic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of rectal diseases. Experience from the fields of surgery, internal medicine, dermatology and nutritional medicine is incorporated into the treatment. Complaints and diseases in the area of the rectum are very common, almost everyone falls ill at least once in his life in this body area. For many people, suffering in this taboo zone is a dilemma, it is embarrassing and unpleasant to seek medical help. However, self-treatment with ointments, baths and suppositories are often not sufficient and successful and sometimes also dangerous, as illnesses in urgent need of treatment have not been diagnosed. A proctology examination is usually simple, fast and without complications.

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General surgery

General surgery includes interventions on body surface such as inguinal, umbilical and hernia surgeries. We always try to find a medical alternative instead of surgery. If however an operation can not be avoided. There is a possibility of an ambulatory operation with certain illness cases in our practice. For example, diseases of body surface such as Furunkel, Lipome or skin tumors, procedures such as wound injuries, could be treated. General surgery also includes therapy inflammations of body surface caused by abscesses or acne inversa.

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A revolutionary, safe and effective treatment for the instant removal of piles.

The Rafaelo procedure is a relatively new treatment that uses safe and reliable Radiofrequency technology to reduce and in most cases eliminate the common symptoms of internal (grade 1-3) hemorrhoids. Similar technologies have been successfully used for many years to treat varicose veins in the legs.

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