General Surgical

General Surgical

General surgery includes interventions on the body surface such as inguinal, umbilical and hernia surgeries. We always try to find a medical alternative instead of surgery. If however an operation cannot be avoided.

There is a possibility of an ambulatory operation with certain illness cases in our practice. For example, diseases of body surface such as Furunkel, Lipome or skin tumors, procedures such as wound injuries, could be treated. General surgery also includes therapy of inflammations of body surface caused by abscesses or acne inversa..

Treatment spectrum:

• Removal of soft tissue tumors
• Removal of skin tumors
•Treatment of inflammations and abscesses
•Treatment of acute and chronic wounds (wound management)
•Treatment of hernias
•Treatment of acute or chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system
• Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic abdominal pain
• Conservative treatment of spinal disorders .

Further treatment:

In the case of a critical clinic status, the patient cannot avoid an operation in a hospital. We accompany the patient from the diagnosis of the disease, to contacting the responsible hospital, and look for aftercare. Therefore ,there is a confidential person for all questions in this exhausting time. In the further treatment we treat operation wounds, control the healing process and support the recovery.

In particular, patients who have undergone surgery of the abdominal organs or a hernia of the abdominal wall need surgical follow-up treatment to heal their surgical wound.