Advice and general information for our patients:

Many problems in the anal area are caused by our modern lifestyle with long sitting and poor hygiene. Especially the idea of a daily, as punctual as possible bowel movement paired with time pressure, disgust for foreign toilets and wrong nutrition is the main cause for the hemorrhoidal disease.

To support the healing process and to avoid new problems, we have put together some behavioral rules:

Do not press on the toilet, the intestinal emptying is an autonomous process of the intestine and does not have to be forced.

Sit down and relax the pelvic floor, take your time. Permanent sitting, however, is just as harmful.

Do not use wet wipes, as they only cause allergies to the sensitive perianal skin during continuous use.

Paper and water are perfectly sufficient for hygiene; only after surgical interventions do sitting baths, support the healing process..

Avoid chemical laxatives, which often make a soft, creamy stool. This is poison for natural defecation.

You don't have to go to the toilet every day, everything between three times a day and every three days is normal.

Drink enough, 1.5 to 2 liters a day should be enough..

A diet rich in fibre and plenty of exercise are the best ways to support healthy digestion.